Kids are under so much stress these days! They are labeled with numbers (and letters) and encouraged to learn things in which they have no interest. They are given homework at young ages. They are pressed to keep studying when they need time outdoors. Indoors, they are bombarded with technology. Does this really have to be?

My kids grew up without all that stress (without school even) and are now college graduates who are contributing to our society. When parents hear how much freedom my kids had, they rethink what is necessary for children today.

I am passionate about encouraging parents who are on the verge of respecting their child’s need for freedom, play, nature, and optimal nutrition.

As a holistic health coach, I am well aware that the overall health of children declines when they are forced to learn what others deem important and when their daily activities are governed by anyone other than themselves. As a mother of three “free range” children, I know how incredibly healthy it is for children to chart their own course, follow their own passions, and teach themselves whatever they want to learn at whatever age they want to learn it.

With a master’s degree in Education for the Gifted, I realize that all children are gifted and that unsolicited education, poor nutrition, and a restrictive environment hinder the development of their gifts.

I call myself “Practically Primal Mama” because I raised my children without cell phones, video games, school, refined sugar, commercial television, and fast food. They were also raised without punishment, rewards, or coercion. We were practically without television. And they spent a great deal of time outside in nature.

My children taught themselves to read and do basic math when they were ready and later went on to graduate from Austin College, Ohio State University (magma cum laude), Wake Forest University, and Hult International Business School, Shanghai (graduate school).

I use the radically unconventional stories of childhood freedom my children enjoyed to soothe the worries of parents who want to trust their own children.

Claire Timberlake, M.Ed
Holistic Health Coach
Spiritual Life Coach
Author of Soul Secrets of Salsa