How to Protect Your Child’s Brain

You are doing the best you can with your children’s health, but there is so much information out there! For the last 40 years, I’ve been studying from the most cutting edge leaders in health and wellness, and I keep learning more every day. I know you want to protect your child’s brain, but you are too busy to read everything there is on the subject. I’ll get right to the bullet points to make it easy for you. Click the links below if you want to learn more.

What’s UNhealthy for Your Child’s Brain:

Stress  (including too much exercise, too much work, worrying, depression, too much homework, pain, and inflammation)

Sugar  (including juice, corn, white potatoes, pasta, grains, tortillas, high glycemic fruits,…even too much protein and root vegetables turn into sugar)

Junk  (fast food, soda, chips, candy, most packaged foods, etc)


Endocrine Disruptors

Vegetable Oils 

Canola oil  It is everywhere, so read labels.


Early Exposure to Television 

Video Games




Cell Phones

Wi-Fi so turn off your router at night!

Tap Water

Bathing in unfiltered Tap Water

Bottled Water and other plastic containers

Toothpaste with Fluoride

Antibacterial Soap

Hand Sanitizers and Whipes

DDT (listen to this if you think your child has no exposure to it)


Unnecessary Antibiotics

Toxic Chemicals


Vaccine booster shots?

What’s Healthy for Your Child’s Brain:

Vitamin D  plus K2 (cod liver oil and grass fed butter)

Playing Outdoors


Being Read To by Parents

Sleep in a completely dark room

Fun, rest, love, hugs, physical exercise, mental exercise, thankfulness, appreciation, relaxation…

Fish Oil

Avocados and Coconut Oil

Grass-fed  Butter (Kerrygold)

Organic Food

Seeds and berries

Walnuts (raw and soaked)

Walnut Oil

Cruciferous and Green Leafy Vegetables

Fermented Vegetables

Good carbs (in small amounts):                                                             Quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat, yams, and Ezekial Bread

Plain Goat Kefir (sweetened with stevia)

Organic Goat Cheese


Raw Local Honey in moderation on special occasions



Claire Timberlake                                                                                   Holistic Health Coach


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