But How Will They Learn Math and Reading?

Are your in-laws wondering how and when your kids are going to read and do math if they are not being taught? This article may be just what you need to assuage their fears (and yours too). Read Article

This very short book explains what you need to do to have a successful unshooling experience. It’s a brief “how to” guide that’s indispensable for any parent starting down this journey of freedom for both you and your children.

Claire Timberlake has a master’s degree in Education for the Gifted and raised three unschooled children, all of whom went to competitive colleges at the same age as their peers. Find out more

The C.R.A.T Process:

Read “It Takes Two to Salsa” and listen to “How to Detox Toxic People” and you’ll discover a successful method to change your child’s unwanted behavior (without him even noticing).

Punished by Rewards

Drawing on a wealth of psychological research, Alfie Kohn points the way to a more  effective strategy for raising successful children. Find out more

Fixated by Screens, but Seemingly Nothing Else

The mother had brought in a note from her son’s elementary school teacher: Dear doctor, I think this child needs to be tested for attention deficit disorder. “She’s worried about how he can’t sit still in school and do his work,” the mother said. “He’s always getting into trouble.” Read More

Study Finds Link Between Television Viewing And Attention Problems In Children

This study suggests that there is a significant and important association between early exposure to television and subsequent attentional problems… Read More

Toddlers need three dimensional interaction and play which involves grasping texture.

Pediatrician and Researcher talks about early learning and television.

Unhealthy “Health” Foods


3 Ounces of Wheat a Day May Be Harming Your Brain

Eating wheat may not be beneficial to your health. Among many other reasons, each grain contains about one microgram of Wheat Germ Agglutinin… Read More

Goodbye, Sugar Cravings! What Drives Sugar Cravings and How to Overcome Them

Are sugar cravings simply a matter of willpower?As it turns out, your daily sugar fix may have more to with biochemistry than desire… Read More

Stop Emotional Sugar Cravings!

Why and How to Protect your Child from Wireless Technology

EFT for Screen Addiction